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Driven by the need to increase operational efficiency, improve production quality and reduce workplace accidents, manufacturers are adopting various forms and degrees of automation.

The trend of embracing Industry 4.0 technologies was starting to gain momentum before COVID-19 debacle. As the crisis happened, numerous manufacturers encountered operational distractions including enforced shutdowns, social distancing, supplier shortages, increased employee absence and reduced demand. As the world reopens and new measures come into force, manufacturers who were best prepared by utilizing digital solutions, are in a better position to adapt production and processes to the new environment to facilitate continuation of operations with minimal disruptions. In contrast, manufacturers who avoided investment into automation, urge for digital modernization to remain competitive.

Implementing intelligent automation and optimizing IT in manufacturing has ample growth potentials. Technology allows different breadth and width for automation, whether partial automation of selected processes, advanced ERP system implementation or integration of specialized advanced software, or full utilization of IoT, Cloud and AI technology for totally self-operating plants. The choices manufacturers make, shall be approached from both a strategic and operational perspective, and decisions made on a thorough analysis and evaluations, so the highest return on investment is reached. 

At ICS, we work closely with our clients on their strategic and operational requirements for automation. From greenfield projects to modernization of existing infrastructure, our experienced engineers, IT specialists and manufacturing industry experts work together to provide data-driven insights and optimized solutions for technology integration.

ICS offers wide range capabilities helping industrial clients transform their operations starting from designing and constructing new state-of-art facilities to implementation of automation and digital management in the existing infrastructure. Our custom-tailored services include:

  • Automated Factory Design
  • Robotic Process/Production Lines Automation
  • Automation and Control Systems
  • Operator Control Devices Integration
  • Production Control Systems
  • Manufacturing Execution
  • User Interface Integration
  • Automates Quality Control Systems
  • Industrial Communication Systems
  • Power Supplies
  • Control System Migration
  • Wireless Sensor Networks
  • On-site Services
  • Maintenance and Upgrades


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