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Managing and coordinating complex programs requires meticulous planning, comprehensive monitoring and appropriate intelligence-driven response to any potential issues to ensure lean operations for the timely and quality delivery. Integration, at the largest implication of the word, remains at the foundation of large/multi-site projects success. From concept to completion, ICS provides integrated and most compelling management methods and systems to enhance connectivity, efficiency and productivity, and address all the constituencies and divergent needs of such complex projects.

ICS’s integrated project control practices encompass the resources, procedures, and technology tools for planning, monitoring, and controlling all aspects of the capital project lifecycle. Having decades of experience in delivering successful construction projects worldwide, our teams are skillful to develop and support customized Earned Value Management on your project, meet specific local concerns, swiftly respond to unforeseen changes and comply with government regulations. 

ICS believes that the development of appropriate project controls and management systems is a key component to achieve the project’s objectives. We take pride in challenging conventional thinking and our teams work closely with the client to develop dedicated and efficient methods outlining, quantifying, computing and tracking the progress of your project throughout its lifecycle. We make informed and intelligence-based decisions through program execution to further reduce the costs, avoid schedule deviations and meet parallel objectives of stakeholders.  

Our integrated project controls methods provide unified real-time visibility and earned value management for clients' most complex programs and multi-site construction.

Multi-site construction projects and complex multi-phased programs require multidimensional management and consolidation. ICS becomes a single point of contact to the client, and we integrate, optimize and manage people, processes and assets. Our representative capabilities include:

  • Master Schedule and Schedule Management 
  • Earned Value Management Development and Support
  • Integrated Real-time Reporting
  • Integrated Cost Management
  • Risks Management 
  • Integrated Procurement and Logistics
  • Data-driven Decisions Supports

beyond the traditional construction

ICS is build on the diverse expertise across business solutions. Our Construction division is embedded within IT and ICT divisions, which enables us to deliver fully integrated solutions to the end-user. Our teams of architects, engineering, technology specialists and SMEs collaboratively innovate to provide custom tailored support to our clients programs. We utilize a smart building, advanced infrastructure and process automation approach, and strategically plan, implement and maintain integration of traditional and emerging technologies.


Smart facilities, Spaces and processes

Cross-functional integration of IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Software and Physical Assets making buildings operation more convenient and cost-effective.

Advanced ICT solutions enabling intelligent connection of devices and data management systems for energy, power and security digitalization. 

From security system infrastructure assessment and design, to implementation and managed solutions for access control, video surveillance & intercom systems.

While data and systems are the true assets of integrated buildings and infrastructure, they are exposed to cybersecurity threats and require protection.

From the bottom-line of your business operations to strategic transformation of global enterprise, we provide comprehensive and custom-tailored IT solutions. 

ICS provides turnkey solutions for automation utilizing emerging trends in robotics, IoT, AI, embedded systems and software design for critical industries such Healthcare and Industrial Manufacturing.


across industries