Operations & maintenance

Advanced technology utilization enabled digital management of buildings helping our clients to reduce operational costs, increase efficiency and user convenience. Concurrently, facilities became complex frameworks composed of intelligent networks of connected devices, equipment and systems that transmit big-data using cloud and wireless technologies. Appropriate transition to operations, management and proactive maintenance of such facilities are the key to maximize return on your investment.

ICS capabilities are built on experience providing managed service solutions to Defense, Healthcare, Mass Transit Authorities and Industrial clients. From complex healthcare environments and mission critical facilities to technologically advanced industrial and commercial facilities, ICS provides facility operation, maintenance and modernization support. 

Accelerated Transition to Optimized Operations

The period, between the new or upgraded facilities are commissioned until the optimal operational efficiency is reached, holds numerous challenges and is vastly important. Fast, secure and error-free transition directly impacts business ability to provide mission critical services and/or produce a return on investment. 

ICS teams of engineers, technology specialists and program managers are experienced in the facility activation planning, initiation and execution management. We help our clients to seamlessly integrate and align their employees, technology and processes to the new operational environments. Our comprehensive customer-centric services include:

  • Equipment & New Installations Testing
  • Facility Management System Development
  • Systems Interoperability Assessment & Optimization
  • Users Training
  • Safety Procedures & Training
  • Physical and Cyber Security Assessment & Integration
  • Maintenance Implementation Plans
  • Asset Management Strategies
Continuous Maintenance and Integrated Facility Management

ICS approach to facilities management and maintenance is built on a partnership-based program with the client. By combining our expertise and technology, we measurably improve our clients’ efficiency, profitability goals and support sustainable growth of their business. Our intelligence-driven planned and proactive maintenance practices allow to prevent asset failure, downtimes and costly future recoveries. In alignment to our clients business strategies, we continuously upgrade and modernize technological solutions to keep facilities, equipment and system updated.

Our dedicated Operations and Maintenance services include:

  • Integrated Facility Management
  • Periodic Maintenance of Equipment and Systems
  • Data and AI-powered Preventative Maintenance Systems, and Management
  • Production and Process Maintenance
  • Contingency Operations
  • Supervisory Assistance 
  • Technical Assistance (on-call/on-site)
  • Condition Assessment (Physical Assets, Systems, Interoperability, Processes)
  • Facility Modernization and IT Optimization


Specialized managed services

data centers

Comprehensive Day-2 support, maintenance and operation of mission critical facilities.


Healthcare 5.0 intelligent infrastructure development and managed services.


Intelligent automation, equipment installation and IT optimization/ modernization solutions and operations support.

Mass Transit

From greenfield projects to restoring aging infrastructure, we plan, develop and maintain transportation systems.
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Supply Chain

Managed solutions for distribution centers and logistics across public and private sectors.
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Customer Engagement

Leading-edge call center and helpdesk design, implementation and managed support services.