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At ICS, we utilize advanced technology throughout the project’s planning, design, engineering and construction. With help of BIM | VDC and other emerging technologies, we optimize buildings constructability, physical design of spaces and prevent unforeseeable future challenges. We let our clients see their project as a whole before the construction begins.

ICS leverages the most advanced technologies and an innovative approach from concept and design, to integration and construction management, to maintenance and technical support. Using technologies as BIM | VDC, our teams enhance the process of design, construction and maintenance of large scale projects. It enables us to accurately visualize and assess the physical and functional aspects of buildings prior to projects’ execution, to reduce building cost, minimize construction time, and increase interoperability. 

Building information systems allows us to collect data, simulate the entire construction process integrating mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineering, and intelligently assess technology integration solutions for smart buildings or advanced infrastructure. Being able to generate a three-dimensional integrated view, our team can detect and prevent clashes, better evaluate structural elements and materials, optimize functional solutions leading to more accurate technical decisions and significant cost/time savings during construction phases.

Furthermore, we take data- and intelligence-driven decisions to integrate IoT, AI and automation to workspaces, security, lighting and environmental controls that positively affect facility users convenience and efficiency, reduces future expenses of asset operations and maintenance.

Depending on the project’s scale and complexity, we utilize VDC/BIM and other emerging technologies for:

  • Virtual model simulations, including architectural, structural, mechanical and electrical
  • Virtual scheduling, that allows to capture 3D view combined with time and budgets
  • Clash detection/coordination
  • Prefabrication and/or material planning
  • Integrated project controls and management
  • Automation and control systems planning and integration
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Industry Insights

Manufacturing | Industrial

smart factories, Automation &
Integrated control systems

Advanced technologies are increasingly reshaping manufacturing and industrial markets. Strategic utilization of IoT, AI, big data, system automation and robotics allows to considerably improve the efficiency of operations, reduce operational and maintenance costs, avoid downtimes and improve safety parameters. ICS develops custom solutions for industrial programs and our broad services includes project management, manufacturing engineering, procurement and installation of equipment, software and the integration of systems.

Smart Healthcare

Innovative & Cost Effective
healthcare 5.0 solutions

ICS provides an integrated approach and capabilities to advancing Healthcare industry. Our wide range of expertise to address the full lifecycle of healthcare challenges enables us to support our clients from digital modernization, cybersecurity solutions, intelligent supply chain to greenfield construction projects of Smart Medical Cities. With our global strategic partnerships, ICS promotes Healthcare 5.0 solutions for Precision Medicine, Blockchain, Nanorobotics, 3D Printing and Remote Robotic Procedures. We bring specific knowledge and expertise in planning, programming, implementation and integration of advanced technology.

Industry Insights

Industry Insights


Reliable solutions to
accommodate the public's growing needs

COVID 19 crisis brought new challenges to Mass Transit Industry. Transport operators are burdened with the new requirements for ensuring their passengers health and safety, while pre-pandemic concerns for reliable and cost-effective transportation for growing populations remain. ICS offers vast experience in planning, developing and managing integrated transportation systems. Our specialized teams implement industry best practices based on extensive experience ranging from urban transit authority network modernization to new railcar and infrastructure system design and installation.


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